Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oh Boy, Another Music Critic Blog

It's not as if the world has been crying out for more music blogs, after all. That's part of the reason I'd put off adding to the clutter. (OK, that and laziness.) If the masses have been clamoring for a Considine blog, it's news to me.

However, it'd be nice to have a venue for ideas which don't merit full stories (in the trad-journo sense) or are a bit too arcane for mass (read "paying") media. I miss having the sort of immediate access to expression I enjoyed when I was on staff at a daily paper. And blogging seems to be a great way to start fights with people, which Lord knows we critics surely love.

Hence Resonance. The name derives from what I consider a key aspect of sound -- the ability of objects to vibrate in sympathy. It's what makes musical instruments musical, what makes a good performance space, what defines our perception of sound as being lively or dead. It's also a great metaphor for the sort of emotional experience great art engender, the magical ability to feel another's emotions and take them as your own. If not for resonance, I certainly wouldn't have invested as much of my life in music, and if you're reading this, likely the same is true for you.

That's not to say Resonance will be 100% music-focused, as I'll probably blather on from time to time about other interests -- media, food, anime, life in Toronto, etc. Those will be digressions only, however; for the most part, I'll be writing about I or other people think about music. I seem to have a bit to say in that area.

Like any blogger, I'll promise to update regularly; like any blog-reader, you know that it likely won't be as regular as all that. None of us wants to look like we have *that* much time on our hands, right? With luck, sympathetic vibrations will outweigh the dissonance and noise, but no guarantees. After all, if we all agreed all the time, how would guys like me get any work?

Keep posting, J.D. Glad to have run across your blog. But, please explain to a fellow Torontonian what brought you to our city, fer chrissakes. Was it that Prince moved here?
yes, welcome
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