Thursday, August 18, 2005

Canadian Living Quiz

Calling someone a “Newfie” means that they are:

A) New to Canada
B) From Newfoundland
C) A female newt

Instead of states, Canada is made up of:

A) Parishes
B) Provinces
C) Leftovers

The Canadian dollar is known as “the Loonie” in honor of:

A) Canada’s first prime minister, Sylvester Loonie
B) The bird featured on one side of the dollar coin
C) Those who accept it as money

Which of the following Las Vegas entertainment staples did not originate in Canada:

A) Cirque du Soleil
B) Celine Dion
C) Elvis wedding chapels

Indigenous residents of Canada’s northernmost provinces are called:

A) Sammi
B) Inuit
C) Elves

Prime Minister Paul Martin was given a nickname by the opposition based on what popular comic strip character:

A) Mr. Boffo
B) Mr. Dithers
C) Luanne

When a customer at a coffee shop says “double double,” he or she is telling the clerk:

A) That they want two coffees and two donuts
B) That they want double cream and double sugar
C) How to figure out the sales tax

The term “milk bags” refers to:

A) What cars in Saskatchewan have instead of air bags
B) A common and economical way of packaging milk
C) Pamela Anderson’s least favourite nickname

There are more NHL franchises in the U.S. than in Canada because:

A) Hockey is just that popular
B) Small town American mayors will pony up more dough for a sports franchise than small town Canadian mayors
C) Southern parents need a way to show their children that ice comes in a form other than cubes

"Cottage Country" describes:

A) Those parts of Canada where residents can't afford full-size houses
B) Semi-rustic vacation areas in Northern Ontario
C) Canada's national mosquito-feeding program

I know almost all the answers. I am in love with a Quebecois and am trying to move to Montreal, though it seems like the pickiest province of all. Must be the Frenchness.
Thanks. This isn't an official Canadian quiz. But good luck!

Merci. Ceci n'est pas un examen officiel Canadien. Mais bonne chance!
As Gaston Lagaffe would say: M'en fin?
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